Turkey Cappadocia Tour “Browser with anti-detection methods”
From: CharlesPew Subject: Browser with anti-detection methods Message Body: Introducing a fundamentally new antidetect browser of a new generation! A fundamentally new secure browser with anti-detection methods Our advantages - Profile data can be stored in a convenient way for you. The choice is a database or your own device. - Data on different devices are synchronized with each other. - The possibility of fairly accurate manual settings – you can change proxy settings, time zone, browser identification strings and much more. - Access to create multiple work environments. - Protection of the system from hacking and leakage in case of incorrect password entry. - Cloud storage of encrypted profiles - Multiplatform versions of Windows or Linux browser - Automatic fingerprint generation of the digital fingerprint of the device and much more When contacting support only until the end of this month, a 50% discount is provided for new users And there is also an affiliate program for all users with a payment of up to 40% of each payment of a new user! Join our friendly community, feel safe with the Ximera browser Registration in the partner program antidetect browser of the new generation Ximera antidetect -- This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Turkey Cappadocia Tour (https://turkeycappadociatour.com)

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