Camel Backriding


Cappadocia Camel Safari

Would you like to take a camel ride in the valleys of Cappadocia? These animals are really docile.

Sunrise Camel Riding

While the most exciting activites starts in the Cappadocia, imagina yourself on the Camel. You will slowly enter the heart of Cappadocia with your camel like a sultan, while balloons are flying, jeeps climb up the mountains and beautiful horses run and curious spectators watch you from the hills.

Sunset Camel Tour

Rose and Red Valleys. Even Camels are eager to go there. This is the best moment to taste Cappadocian Wine.

Cittaslow Turkey Cappadocia;

cittaslow-relaxcity-urgup-cappadocia No need rush!!! Notting will be at once but this is the best way of pleasure. Cappadocia has huge culture and sacrifice. Imagine that during sunrise your food start to prepare then you will get it in Red Valley during the sunset. Probably the most delicious food will come to your dining table.  

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Camel Backriding
From $ 25
per Adult