Deli Foods with Local Hands

Imagine a terra-cotta vessel which is producing same technology for 4000 years old. Old masters still continue this tradition for the most delicious food for their next generation. This is kickwheel mud vessel from Red River. (Halis) Central Anatolian lambs, tail fat, paper, obergine, tomato and some secret touches. Cooking time almost 4 hours. Drinks are not prohibited but we highly recommend Raki for your taste. Meanwhile you could get homemade Cappadocian wine as well. We have guarenteed that you will never eat such a delicious food if you wont come to Cappadocia again. Even we are not writing here deli, cold startes. Natural cheese, pekmez by the way no need to much explanations. We trust in food. Always welcome.

Fire is calling you!
table of gurmet

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