Cappadocia Tour Packet 1(60USD)


Devrent Valley: Here is also known as imagination valley as well where you see lots of fair chimneys with interesting shapes like camel rock,mushroom like shapes and more... you can enjoy the valley while walkink through the rock formations.In the valley you also notice the color changing because of different minerals inside. You see derk ones because of copper,red ones with ironoxide and yellow because calcium.


Paşabağları: We call here monks valley too. At the end of 5 th century one of the saints called St.Simeon from Syria came here and lived in a cave in the valley and live as a hermit. Here you find all the fairy chimneys with three caps on them. That s why it s called mushroom rocks. That readlly amazes the visitors and you start thinking how they formed like that with caps on them. Caps of these fairy chimneys are the hardest rocks called basalt so shey still protect the bodies from erosions. And it will be great view when you have a look from up ahead a distance from the valley.


    Avanos : We can call here as the heart of art and handicrafts of the area.Here is the small town where the locals make potteries and seramics. This tradition was first started by Hitites 4000 years ago.Red River,Kızılırmak in Turkish,passes from the clay using kick-wheel tecnique.As the time passed,families from the village got used to make potteries and the seramics.Since there is no school to learn this art, the only chance to learn this tradition is go to family workshop.Nowadays there are lost of families working on this. You will be guest in one of these family workshop to see process like pottery marking,coloring and the famous tiles of Turkish seramics.By the way,you can also make your own pottery to see how talented you are...





Göreme: The names given here in history Korama,Avcılar and still called Maccan by locals. This is the place where you see lots of rock cut churches with best paintings of the area.Here was used as missionary school beginning from 2 nd centuries till 12 th centuries.Then the churches were decorated with breathtaking frescoes and colorful desing.The unique techniques were used in them like egg white of pigeons as a glaze and all kind of vegetable dyes obteined from the plants and trees.The frescoes helped locals to learn the religion very fast.Then Christianity became the area in a short period.You will be travelling to those ages and imagining the living conditions of them while visiting the caves they lived.




Uçhisar : Here is the small village which is famous with a huge castle used by Chiristians.There were 3 castles like this located in the area.The others are in Ortahisar and Ürgüp. The formations of these 3 castles are very similar to each orher.Allthough the idea is not for sure,it's told all were connected to each orher with tunnels.All were used by Byzantines as castles to defend the cities in the war times.Among them,the highest one is Uçhisar with 100 metres hight. And there is a magnificient panaromic view on top of Uçhisar meaning top castle in Turkish. When you climb up to top of citadel you also have a chance to see all rooms connected with tunnels and stairs.But it's unfortunately impossible to see all of them after the collapse in recent years.



Pigeon Valley: This is the valley called Pigeon Valley because of the Pigeon house on them.Pigeons had different uses in the history.Hittites used for communication,to send messages between the villages.They were also used by Christians to make frescoes in churches as a glaze.It's really interesting that locals still use pigeons to produce fertilizer.They collect their drops to make fertilizers and use them on farms.So you never surprise when you see that many holes made for them everywhere.

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